Monthly Archives: November 2008

Our garden has a strange new mushroom growing. It’s a good thing, I’m sure. Mushrooms, some fungi and other bacteria can be good for the roots of our plants. Since everything is growing so well, we can assume these mushrooms are good for our veggies.

We built a small raised bed so Mackenzie can have her own little garden. She’s still learning what’s garlic and what’s actually a weed. Now with her own garden she’s free to pick and choose -with a little guidance of course.

All of the plants are growing nicely. I’ve noticed however, that the leaves are disappearing from the pepper plants. Unfortunately, I believe Boots the Cat is the culprit. He liked munching the leaves of pepper plants on our indoor pepper garden too.

The Kale is growing noticeably taller. Pumpkin plants are doing excellent with lots of bright flowers.

This weekend, I’ll be spreading more dried molasses, coffee grounds and a small amount of fertilizer. The plants will only get one more small dose of fertilizer this season.