Monthly Archives: March 2009

Well, the outside chicken pen is almost done. Not too shabby for less than $20 in supplies, I think. The lumber was left over from another yard project, the plastic sheeting was less than $1 per sheet and the mesh was previously wrapped around the compost pile.
The chickens are growing really fast and getting really noisy. We’ve been tossing in bugs and flowers for them to eat. They also seem to love corn on the cob. They each seem to have developed their own personality. One, Gertie, has a very crooked beak but eats just fine. Foghorn (the Leghorn) is very docile and will eat from your hand and climb on for a ride. So far, the chickens have been a success.
Of course, Rusty has been a great guard dog. He’s been curious about and patient with the chickens.

Well the chickens are here! We went to Georgetown Farm Supply and bought ten of them. There are 4 Ameracuanas, 3 Golden Comets and 3 Leghorns. We should have an assortment of colored eggs. The Ameracuanas lay green and blue eggs, the leghorns lay browns and the comets will lay white eggs.
Right now the chicks are on a starter feed that has a small amount of antibiotics in it. We will slowly ween them onto scraps, bugs, worms and weeds in the garden. The coop has been painted and needs some finishing work while the chicks still live inside.
I’ll try to post more pictures as they grow. These hens are really neat!

So far our garden is doing really well. Our peach trees have more blossoms than leaves! It must be all the love. The broccoli flowers are attracting bees which is great for all the other plants too. I think our fig trees will be high producers this spring. And we love fresh figs! I’ll need to get some lattice ready to support our grape vines. The grape vines will be multipurposed, they’ll grow us grapes and provide shade for the A/C unit to increase effeciency during these Texas summers. More pics are posted too.

Seems that spring is in full force here in Central Texas. We’ve been hitting temperatures in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s. Although not without the occasional freeze at night -it is Texas.
We’ve added quite a bit of growing space for the spring. 300 more square feet should do quite well for us, I think. There will be plenty of tomatoes of different heirloom varieties.
The fig trees already have figs on them and are growing quickly. Two peach trees have been planted on opposite ends of the backyard. One shows good signs of early fruiting.
A special area of short raised beds has been fenced in just for blueberry and blackberry bushes. They all have the start of berries forming all over them!
Our farm should really be rolling this year with all the hard work we’ve been putting in.