Monthly Archives: April 2009

Everything is growing great so far! Fairytale eggplants are starting to bloom as well. This was an experiment and we only have 1 of these growing.

We’ve started a mixed greens section with a spicy Mesclun blend. These should accompany our baby lettuces very well. I’m still working on our outdoor hydroponic system for greens. The pump went south and I’m working on connecting another pump.

The artichokes are doing well. One plant in particular has 8 flowers! We are amazed at how well this plant is doing.

We’ve also started a potato ‘patch’. We’re trying a different technique to get them to grow. It has a bottom layer of 4-5 sheets of newspaper and a layer of compost and soil about 4-6 inches deep inside a cage. The cage is 36″ tall and about 24″ in diameter. We layered our potatoes on the compost mixture and covered with more compost and soil. When the potato plants grow to about 6 inches tall, we’re going to bury them with compost, soil and mulch. We’ll continue to do this until the vines are growing over the top of the cages. Hopefully, the cages will be full of potatoes if we did everything right.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden had another potluck dinner this past Sunday afternoon. It was a great afternoon for it too. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing nicely. Not sure how many people showed for the event but there was a ton of food on the table. It was great to see so many nice, homebaked dishes. We had to make several trips to try everything and I’m sure we missed a few things. The Round Rock Funny Farm brought a pasta salad with homemade pesto, tomatoes and cheese. It must have been a big hit as the bowl was scraped clean.
Our tomato plants are all ready producing tiny little tomatoes. With about 20 plants and 6 different varieties, we should have plenty of tomatoes for us to enjoy this year.
I can’t believe how tough and hardy the sunflowers are. I knocked one over to the ground, it was standing straight up again after 5 minutes! One of the sunflowers is growing really fast, it seemed to grow about 8 inches on Sunday. We can’t wait to see them taller than the fence!

The farm has been doing amazing so far this spring. The addition of chickens has really improved our compost pile -we’re making soil! They’ve been really friendly and recognize that we’re the “feeders”.
Pest control requires a little more work when you’re doing things organically. I found these leaf-footed bugs planning their early morning offensive today.
We have some amazing artichokes! For some reason, the plant that was chewed by the dog, twice, and half-eaten by ants is actually blooming! Normally, artichokes won’t bloom this young. They’re not even a year old and one has 2 flowers growing. The plant is humongous!
We have some flowers that are doing awesome as well. The mammoth sunflowers out back are very hardy. We’re growing them in front of the compost bin for cover. We hope to harvest the seeds as well for making sunflower-butter. The rose bush in the front garden has been blooming like crazy. I caught them on a still morning and was able to take a nice picture. I wish the broccoli was still around but the aphids took over and got most of them, the flowers were beautiful.
The ducks aren’t ours… We’re sticking with chickens for now. The ducks are from a park in Burnet, TX where we stopped to play at a park.