Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Tomatoes and Sunflowers

Johnson’s Backyard Garden had another potluck dinner this past Sunday afternoon. It was a great afternoon for it too. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing nicely. Not sure how many people showed for the event but there was a ton of food on the table. It was great to see so many nice, homebaked dishes. We had to make several trips to try everything and I’m sure we missed a few things. The Round Rock Funny Farm brought a pasta salad with homemade pesto, tomatoes and cheese. It must have been a big hit as the bowl was scraped clean.
Our tomato plants are all ready producing tiny little tomatoes. With about 20 plants and 6 different varieties, we should have plenty of tomatoes for us to enjoy this year.
I can’t believe how tough and hardy the sunflowers are. I knocked one over to the ground, it was standing straight up again after 5 minutes! One of the sunflowers is growing really fast, it seemed to grow about 8 inches on Sunday. We can’t wait to see them taller than the fence!


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