Monthly Archives: May 2009

I’ll be taking an early morning photo tomorrow. After that, there won’t be another daily pic until the 10th of June. I wish we had a way to watch our farm from far away. Luckily, we have a good chicken sitter hired. He has absolutely no experience with chickens, but neither did we. He should do just fine.

Things have been hectic around the farm. Planning a big road trip to MO and IN. Missed the afternoon picture and posting this a day late. For something nice to look at, there are 2 pictures of the wildflowers growing near our water tower.

Missed the afternoon picture. 😦

Our veggies are growing amazingly well. The artichokes we ate for dinner the other night we’re excellent. We dipped them in butter with garlic. After a trip to the grocery store, we realize that we had eaten about $30 worth of artichokes! It’s nice to have excellent veggies without the high cost.

All of today’s bonus pictures have been provided by our 6 year old photographer. She loves taking her camera out when we’re snapping photos. She took the picture of the tomatoes at the Austin Farmer’s Market. We try to shop there every week to make sure we get the freshest veggies and cheeses from local farmers.

It’s a little funny to see the bare patches of earth after the chicken pen has been there. It only takes a few days for the patch to grow over green again. I think we have a good little grass cutting system going around the farm.

We let the chickens roam around the other morning. After clipping the flight feathers on one wing, I’m sure they’ll stay in the yard during pen moves or maintenance.

The fairy tale eggplant we are experimenting with is wonderful. We definitely need to grow quite a few of these. It’s a good producer and seems pretty pest resistant. We have several other ‘standard’ eggplants growing around it.