The farm is growing.

The farm has been really doing well. We’re spending about 30 minutes a day controlling weeds manually, no herbicides for this organic farm. Organic pest control is still a bit difficult. There are a few new-to-us bugs on a few plants. We’re working on identifying and removing them.

The chickens should be getting excited. I’m raising the pen so it will be 2 feet taller. Unfortunately, we are going to have to clip their wings. They want to get a little flighty when we take them out for pen cleanings and feedings.

The potato sprouts are popping up all over. This cage method seems to work so far. In 2-3 weeks we should be burying them again with compost, soil, and mulch. If things go well we should have quite a few potatoes to eat this fall and winter.

Our mutant artichoke has budded a few more flowers. This single plant has 12 flowers on it!

The next blog update will start the pic-a-day series for the Round Rock Funny Farm. I’m going to take a picture from the same spot at least twice a day. We want to watch the daily growth of all our veggies. Each season, I’m going to turn these into a time lapse video.


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