Monthly Archives: June 2009

Aliens have landed in our tomatoes. Well, it looks that way anyhow. We had to do something to stop the birds from eating our tomatoes. The decision seems a little crazy but we now have small pieces of foil wrapped on our supports. It actually works! The birds weren’t in the gardens today and we ate some tomatoes!

Our eggplants are coming along nicely. The damage from the flea beetles has seemed to fade. I think the beetles can’t handle our recent Texas Heat Wave of 104+ temperatures. The leaf-footed bugs are using our sunflower as a shade bonnet but aren’t eating any of our veggies.

The tomatoes are all starting to ripen. Now all we have to do is beat the birds to them in the mornings! We started to put mesh bags over the ripening ones to stop what we can. We’ll also be putting in some sort of scarecrow to see if that helps. Wish us luck.

Missed the morning picture 😦
Our first Homestead tomato!

Our backyard fig tree had developed a rust fungus. The only solution was to completely defoliate the tree. I did this a few weeks ago and we already have new leaves growing. The little tree will be just fine but I doubt we will get any figs from it. We did get to eat our first homegrown fig just the other day. It was big and juicy with a perfectly sweet taste. We’re excited about growing more!

Wow, a lot more work was completed today. More of the gardens were mulched and the storage shed was moved. The chicken pen will be getting a more permanent home where the shed was. Since we want as much vegetable growing space as possible, they chickens will be getting a larger fixed pen with occasional field trips into the veggie patches.