The Start of the Funny Farm

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I half expected Anne to think I was crazy when I told her I wanted to live on a farm. I was totally wrong. The look on her face when I told her I was going to bring a sod-cutter over and start tearing up her yard to grow veggies made me know I found the one for me.

Starting the farm was tough work. The grass was dead and dry. The sod-cutting machine was hard work to use for such a small area but got the job done nicely. The soil underneath the grass was rock hard. It involved removing lots of hard rocks, all by hand. (Is that why they call this town Round Rock?)  It took several tilling and watering sessions to get the ground workable for veggies. We added layers of newspaper and mulch, kept it all wet and waited for the ground to soften a bit. The earthworms and bugs moved into the new, moist area and broke the ground up for us.

We also tried using soaker hoses to keep our gardens watered. This didn’t work out with too little water pressure, only half the patches would be watered properly. The drip system we have now from Lupton Irrigation is far superior.

We started the garden with a few broccoli seedlings, cabbages, garlic, cauliflower (that was acutally mislabled broccoli), and several types of herbs. We’re already growing a substantial amount more and we’re not stopping anytime soon. The Round Rock Funny Farm will continue to expand until we’re completely out of yard to grow in. Wait, what about growing on the roof of the house in boxes? hmmm….

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