Daily Farm Pics – August 13th, 2009

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The farm is growing well. Even different varities of non-edible mushrooms grow in the gardens.

Today, we had a nice overcast afternoon with a short rain. The droplets were huge though. Too bad it couldn’t last long enough to fill our rain tower.

A friend has let us borrow a really cool macro lens. I was able to take a few interesting shots today. I found that water beads up strangley on the leaves of our pumpkin plants, so I took a close up shot of it.

Daily Farm Pic 08.13.09 am
Daily Farm Pic 08.13.09 pm
Some mushrooms that are growing between the corn rows.
Pumpkin plant growing happily.
Close up of the water droplets on pumpkin leaves.
Close up of our Red Velvet Okra.

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