Daily Farm Pics – August 29th, 2009

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Well, you might notice a jump forward in the blog emails. I got a little behind on posting the daily pictures and didn’t want to flood any email boxes. Everything is now caught up even though I missed this morning’s picture. We’re still adjusting to the new 1st grade schedule and this was our first Saturday to sleep in.

We had a good bit of rain this week. Not enough to recover from our drought but enough to cool temps and make our tomatoes and seedlings happy. The late-summer to fall garden is growing rapidly. Our broccoli and cabbage seeds have sprouted and will be in the ground in a few weeks. Onions and leeks were planted directly in the ground in a drier section of the garden. We’re really excited about our fall garden.

There’s going to be more construction work going on the gardens. Not only is the chicken pen growing and becoming permanent, but there will be small green houses going over several garden patches.

Daily Farm Pic 08.29.09

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