Daily Farm Pics – September 21st, 2009

Nearly caught up with the farm blog posting again. Things have been hectic with redesigning our schedules around the 1st grade.

The weather has been nice and cool for the last week and a half. We’re actually getting a lot of rain but now we need some more sun to go with it.

Once the weather clears, I’ll finish building the chicken pen. The progress has been a slow-go with weather issues and the farm truck needed new brakes.

The Honeydews, Butternut squash, corn and peas are all doing really well. It was a hot, difficult summer but most of our tomatoes fared well and are still producing.

Unfortunately, we’ll be giving up one of our chickens. Cheese, the chicken has been a bit unruly and picking on the other chickens. Instead of having the farm’s first execution, we’ll be looking for a neighbor or friend who would like to have a solo yard bird.

Daily Farm Pic 09.21.09
Butternut Squash flowers.
More little Honeydew melons.

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