Update from the Funny Farm – October 5th, 2009

It’s been really tough keeping up with the farm blog pictures -priorities have been adjusted in the Funny Farm household. The 1st grade and kung-fu lessons have thrown us all for a loop. All that, along with trying to maintain the farm and chickens with all the cooler, wet weather, we’ve been getting has definitely taught us to juggle better.

We’ve taken our first, very small harvest of corn that will be enjoyed at dinner this evening. The tomatoes are fruiting very well and if we can get some warm weather again, they should ripen quickly. Our first canning experiment has gone very well and we look forward to canning a lot of our own tomatoes and beans soon.

Hopefully, the chickens will be moving into their new pen in a week or two. We’ll be cutting close with the much cooler weather. They’ll need a nice, warm spot to rest and keep laying eggs for the winter.

Daily Farm Pic – September 28th, 2009
Honeydew Melon
More melons and butternut squash.
The new chicken pen.

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