Monthly Archives: May 2010

Well, the greenhouse plans are pretty much ready for the permit. It’s been a busy spring and the greenhouse construction has been delayed a good bit. It will definitely need to be ready for fall. We plan to have early seedlings next year so we can keep improving our system.

It’s a basic wood construction. It will need some reinforcements to stay put in the winds we’ve had. The roof and walls will have clear, UV protected polycarbonate sheets. Cooling in the summer will be made possible with lots of ventilation and a water mist. Heating in the winter will be a combination of a passive solar radiant floor heating, forced convection solar heating as well as thermal mass inside the greenhouse.

Hopefully, the permit will be in hand by the end of next week so more construction can begin. The floor reflector, tubing and gravel will go in first. 4 yards of gravel will be moved from the driveway to the back yard. Anyone else want to grab a shovel and wheelbarrow?

We never posted videos of our chickens before. Here’s a couple of videos showing them doing what they do best, scratching the ground and eating.

Taking care of the chickens has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. Even the kiddo gets involved and collects eggs for us. Her school invention this year, she made a belt designed to carry a 6 pack of eggs back from the coop.

With the 8 hens we have, we get from 6-9 eggs a day. They are fed a local organic grain blend daily. Scraps, greens and grass clippings are all supplements along with any foraging for bugs. Mondays are usually big eggs after getting the weekend grass clippings.

Enjoy the videos!