6 year old photographer

Our veggies are growing amazingly well. The artichokes we ate for dinner the other night we’re excellent. We dipped them in butter with garlic. After a trip to the grocery store, we realize that we had eaten about $30 worth of artichokes! It’s nice to have excellent veggies without the high cost.

All of today’s bonus pictures have been provided by our 6 year old photographer. She loves taking her camera out when we’re snapping photos. She took the picture of the tomatoes at the Austin Farmer’s Market. We try to shop there every week to make sure we get the freshest veggies and cheeses from local farmers.

There’s going to be a new contributor to the farm blog. The little one is now a photographer. With her own little DSLR, she’s taking great shots.

Today was pretty rainy at the Funny Farm. Only a morning wide-angled shot was taken. However there are a few extra photos from our new ‘photography person’.

The picture on the left is the normal morning shot. All the others are shot from a repaired Nikon d100 in front of a 6 year old.
She took some really great shots!