Nearly caught up with the farm blog posting again. Things have been hectic with redesigning our schedules around the 1st grade.

The weather has been nice and cool for the last week and a half. We’re actually getting a lot of rain but now we need some more sun to go with it.

Once the weather clears, I’ll finish building the chicken pen. The progress has been a slow-go with weather issues and the farm truck needed new brakes.

The Honeydews, Butternut squash, corn and peas are all doing really well. It was a hot, difficult summer but most of our tomatoes fared well and are still producing.

Unfortunately, we’ll be giving up one of our chickens. Cheese, the chicken has been a bit unruly and picking on the other chickens. Instead of having the farm’s first execution, we’ll be looking for a neighbor or friend who would like to have a solo yard bird.

Daily Farm Pic 09.21.09
Butternut Squash flowers.
More little Honeydew melons.

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All of our corn has sprouted perfectly. As long as we keep it watered, we should have a small harvest before this years first frost. The drip irrigation system is doing a great job over keeping the soil moist without run-off or over-watering.
Daily Farm Pic 08.10.09 am
Daily Farm Pic 08.10.09 pm
Corn Row?
Ravioli the Chicken
A hornet on our okra. These guys got me really good the other day and warmed my hand up nicely.
Our fig tree is growing fresh little figs again.

The farm has been really doing well. We’re spending about 30 minutes a day controlling weeds manually, no herbicides for this organic farm. Organic pest control is still a bit difficult. There are a few new-to-us bugs on a few plants. We’re working on identifying and removing them.

The chickens should be getting excited. I’m raising the pen so it will be 2 feet taller. Unfortunately, we are going to have to clip their wings. They want to get a little flighty when we take them out for pen cleanings and feedings.

The potato sprouts are popping up all over. This cage method seems to work so far. In 2-3 weeks we should be burying them again with compost, soil, and mulch. If things go well we should have quite a few potatoes to eat this fall and winter.

Our mutant artichoke has budded a few more flowers. This single plant has 12 flowers on it!

The next blog update will start the pic-a-day series for the Round Rock Funny Farm. I’m going to take a picture from the same spot at least twice a day. We want to watch the daily growth of all our veggies. Each season, I’m going to turn these into a time lapse video.

Normally I take the photos for the farm blog but it’s so nice having a pro photographer in the family. Not only do we get to archive our progress, we get to have beautiful art in our house. You can definitely notice a difference in our photography styles.

Enjoy these photos and check out our photographer’s portfolio where you can purchase prints. When we get a few products to sell at the farmers market, we’ll be selling some matted prints as well.

You’ll notice a new look for the Funny Farm blog. It needed a freshening up. The sunflower picture at the top was taken yesterday in our garden. These sunflowers are tall, hopefully they’ll get over 9ft.

Well the tomatoes are doing well enough already that they need extra support. We’ve installed garden fence spikes in the rows. Using the florida weave method, all the tomatoes have a good bit of support. Our jalepeno and bell pepper plants have lots of little peppers growing all over them. We may need to add some form of support for those plants as well. Maybe it will get the same weave as the tomatoes. We learned about that idea from the nice people over at Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Their farm is successful and beautiful. We didn’t think they’d mind if we borrowed an idea for our backyard.

We planted some red velvet okras a few weeks ago and they’ve already popped up some little baby okras. The artichoke dwarfs all the other plants in the garden. It’s growing amazingly fast!

There’s another blackberry hunting mission going on today. It’s such a beautiful day in Texas.

Everything is growing great so far! Fairytale eggplants are starting to bloom as well. This was an experiment and we only have 1 of these growing.

We’ve started a mixed greens section with a spicy Mesclun blend. These should accompany our baby lettuces very well. I’m still working on our outdoor hydroponic system for greens. The pump went south and I’m working on connecting another pump.

The artichokes are doing well. One plant in particular has 8 flowers! We are amazed at how well this plant is doing.

We’ve also started a potato ‘patch’. We’re trying a different technique to get them to grow. It has a bottom layer of 4-5 sheets of newspaper and a layer of compost and soil about 4-6 inches deep inside a cage. The cage is 36″ tall and about 24″ in diameter. We layered our potatoes on the compost mixture and covered with more compost and soil. When the potato plants grow to about 6 inches tall, we’re going to bury them with compost, soil and mulch. We’ll continue to do this until the vines are growing over the top of the cages. Hopefully, the cages will be full of potatoes if we did everything right.