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This weekend we went to Edom, TX for the Wooding! Our friends Mike and Danielle got married and hired Anne to be the photographer. You can see some of the Wooding pictures on flickr. The wedding was at Wood Haven Cabins and it was great. I managed to snap a few photos to make up for missing the daily farm pics at home.
Life begins in our garden daily.
Just a pretty flower, testing a ‘new’ $30 lens.
An awesome sight.. chocolate dipped strawberries covering a chocolate covered cake.
A really interesting old water pump.

All of the weeding in the gardens is finished! It only took us about 6 man hours, which is 5 or 6 less than I thought it would take to catch up. The gardens are doing great. Tomorrow’s time will be spent tying up tomato vines and moving the chicken pen.

We just had an excellent thunderstorm. It looked severe on the radar but we just got the good rainy parts. Our gardens are loving it!

Well the farm pics are back up and running. Our trip was wonderful but it’s so nice to be back on our little farm. The only thing missing is our stinky little monster. I’m sure she’ll be stuffed with sweets by the time we get her back from Grandma’s.

Our potatoes are going to be topped tomorrow afternoon and reburied. They’re growing a bit fast -it must be the great compost we seem to be ‘growing’. Gertie, the crooked beaked chicken, is growing fast too. Giving her personal attention and extra feedings seem to have plumped her up to nearly the size of the other chickens.

Oh my goodness, we have a 7ft tall sunflower! It’s amazing what can happen when you go on vacation for 10 days. The gardens have been growing so fast!

Our tomato plants have each grown over a foot in the last week. We left with only a few tomato flower buds on the plants and came home to at least a hundred tomatoes growing!

Our lettuces and greens have bolted a little on us. They need to be harvested every few days to keep that from happening. Our kohlrabi experiment is going well, the plants grew 3 or 4 inches in diameter in the last week. We even managed to grow a red velvet okra over 6 inches long! It is so heavy it pulled the plant over.

I’ll be taking an early morning photo tomorrow. After that, there won’t be another daily pic until the 10th of June. I wish we had a way to watch our farm from far away. Luckily, we have a good chicken sitter hired. He has absolutely no experience with chickens, but neither did we. He should do just fine.

Things have been hectic around the farm. Planning a big road trip to MO and IN. Missed the afternoon picture and posting this a day late. For something nice to look at, there are 2 pictures of the wildflowers growing near our water tower.

Missed the afternoon picture. 😦

Our veggies are growing amazingly well. The artichokes we ate for dinner the other night we’re excellent. We dipped them in butter with garlic. After a trip to the grocery store, we realize that we had eaten about $30 worth of artichokes! It’s nice to have excellent veggies without the high cost.

All of today’s bonus pictures have been provided by our 6 year old photographer. She loves taking her camera out when we’re snapping photos. She took the picture of the tomatoes at the Austin Farmer’s Market. We try to shop there every week to make sure we get the freshest veggies and cheeses from local farmers.