You’ll notice a new look for the Funny Farm blog. It needed a freshening up. The sunflower picture at the top was taken yesterday in our garden. These sunflowers are tall, hopefully they’ll get over 9ft.

Well the tomatoes are doing well enough already that they need extra support. We’ve installed garden fence spikes in the rows. Using the florida weave method, all the tomatoes have a good bit of support. Our jalepeno and bell pepper plants have lots of little peppers growing all over them. We may need to add some form of support for those plants as well. Maybe it will get the same weave as the tomatoes. We learned about that idea from the nice people over at Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Their farm is successful and beautiful. We didn’t think they’d mind if we borrowed an idea for our backyard.

We planted some red velvet okras a few weeks ago and they’ve already popped up some little baby okras. The artichoke dwarfs all the other plants in the garden. It’s growing amazingly fast!

There’s another blackberry hunting mission going on today. It’s such a beautiful day in Texas.

We went out for a long bike ride this past Friday. We had no idea it would turn into a foraging adventure. Blackberries were growing abundantly all over in places most people won’t go -you’d actually have to climb rocks and be near bees! Could this be? Our own ‘private’ blackberry patch! We ended up with about 2 pounds of fresh wild blackberries and promptly turned those into a wonderful pie. I had a nice slice for breakfast this morning with coffee.

Our foraging also led us to some wild onions. We grabbed a few handfuls and used them to spice up our homemade stir-fry. It was delicious!

We’re heading out for a long walk Sunday to get more ripe blackberries. Hopefully there are more goodies for us to find and enjoy.