We received an incubator for Christmas this year! It came a little early which was really nice. We found a local farmer that had fertile eggs for sale at a great price. The timing was perfect to have little chicks hatching on Christmas day. Some of the eggs were a day or 2 older than others when we purchased them so we’ve got a few chicks left to hatch. This video shows the first 4 chicks. We have 8 total now and 2-3 more should hatch. Hopefully, there will be 2 or 3 roosters. We would like to have more fertile eggs to make sure we can raise enough chickens to feed a dog and a kiddo.

(Strangely, this video is slightly chopped at the bottom. It appears fine on my youtube page but not when viewed by other users. I will look into getting it corrected. If the video is not attached to the emails, you can see it here.)

We never posted videos of our chickens before. Here’s a couple of videos showing them doing what they do best, scratching the ground and eating.

Taking care of the chickens has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. Even the kiddo gets involved and collects eggs for us. Her school invention this year, she made a belt designed to carry a 6 pack of eggs back from the coop.

With the 8 hens we have, we get from 6-9 eggs a day. They are fed a local organic grain blend daily. Scraps, greens and grass clippings are all supplements along with any foraging for bugs. Mondays are usually big eggs after getting the weekend grass clippings.

Enjoy the videos!