So far the aquaponics system has worked out nicely. Once we added the fish, the water clouded a bit and a good few of the fish died. We monitored the water temperature and ph only. Feeding the fish the proper amounts while waiting for the plants to begin to grow was a tough balance. Now that the Arugula, Buttercrunch Lettuce and a few Beets are growing, the water has cleared up perfectly.

Our aquaponics system has 3 stages of passive biofiltration. The video posted below shows the startup of the system without fish or plants. The water was a little cloudy due to residue left in the gravel, even after hours of rinsing. The overflow system change to a venturi overflow system which will be shown in the next video. I will also post sketches of the biofilters I made.

We’ve realized that is truly the way towards a sustainable food supply for our home. Once the system is moved, we will use Tilapia for fish in the system and the beds will be expanded to grow more veggies. Want to know how our chickens and vermicomposter tie into our aquaponics system too? Don’t be afraid to know where your food comes from.

All of the weeding in the gardens is finished! It only took us about 6 man hours, which is 5 or 6 less than I thought it would take to catch up. The gardens are doing great. Tomorrow’s time will be spent tying up tomato vines and moving the chicken pen.

We just had an excellent thunderstorm. It looked severe on the radar but we just got the good rainy parts. Our gardens are loving it!

I’ll be taking an early morning photo tomorrow. After that, there won’t be another daily pic until the 10th of June. I wish we had a way to watch our farm from far away. Luckily, we have a good chicken sitter hired. He has absolutely no experience with chickens, but neither did we. He should do just fine.

The hydroponic system has been started for some lettuce plants on the patio. Mostly an experiment for now. It’s built with a 35gal trash can and some spare parts. So far it’s working well.

We sourced hydroponic nutrients from Texas HydroPonics here in Austin, TX. Soon, we’ll be making compost tea from our compost to use as our nutrient solution. That’s done simply by using aquarium air pumps to aerate a mixture of compost and water.