I’ve managed to post a few videos of our aquaponic ecosystem. Everything has settled down, the water is crystal clear and the plants are flourishing. Technical details will be coming soon with drawings and notes.

The high pressure sodium grow lights were turned off for the video. They produced bad scan lines on the video. The veggies are currently under a 430 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp. If you are playing around with flourescent or led grow lights, that’s all you are doing. The plants need a high power light source and flourescents can not produce the same lumens in the proper light spectrum for strong growth.

Soon the eco system will be out back with a small lean-to roof for shade. The delicate lettuces are no match for the Texas sun.

Keep checking back for more updates on our aquaponics system.

We’re still rocking on the Funny Farm! The blog was put on hold for a while. It was becoming a chore to keep the pictures updated. We’ll continue to post pictures just not for a daily timelapse video.

Our growing space has doubled in the backyard and we’ve expanded into the front yard as well. A greenhouse is in the works and will hopefully be ready by May. We found a few designs we liked, but had to modify and design our own to get things just right.

In a few days, we’ll have some pictures to post of everything we already have growing. Be on the lookout for strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and tons of other stuff. There’s also a new aquaponic system operating in the garage. Running on goldfish, we’re growing arugula, beets and lettuce in the grow beds. Expect to see some videos of that soon.

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We’re actually getting rain! It’s managed to rain all day and keep everything nice and moist. Still not enough to fill the barrels back up but we’ll take what we can get right now.
Daily Farm Pic 07.31.09 am
Daily Farm Pic 07.31.09 pm
More pics of our corn seedlings.
More pop up every day!

Oh my goodness, we have a 7ft tall sunflower! It’s amazing what can happen when you go on vacation for 10 days. The gardens have been growing so fast!

Our tomato plants have each grown over a foot in the last week. We left with only a few tomato flower buds on the plants and came home to at least a hundred tomatoes growing!

Our lettuces and greens have bolted a little on us. They need to be harvested every few days to keep that from happening. Our kohlrabi experiment is going well, the plants grew 3 or 4 inches in diameter in the last week. We even managed to grow a red velvet okra over 6 inches long! It is so heavy it pulled the plant over.

I’ll be taking an early morning photo tomorrow. After that, there won’t be another daily pic until the 10th of June. I wish we had a way to watch our farm from far away. Luckily, we have a good chicken sitter hired. He has absolutely no experience with chickens, but neither did we. He should do just fine.

Things have been hectic around the farm. Planning a big road trip to MO and IN. Missed the afternoon picture and posting this a day late. For something nice to look at, there are 2 pictures of the wildflowers growing near our water tower.

Missed the afternoon picture. 😦