I’ve managed to post a few videos of our aquaponic ecosystem. Everything has settled down, the water is crystal clear and the plants are flourishing. Technical details will be coming soon with drawings and notes.

The high pressure sodium grow lights were turned off for the video. They produced bad scan lines on the video. The veggies are currently under a 430 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp. If you are playing around with flourescent or led grow lights, that’s all you are doing. The plants need a high power light source and flourescents can not produce the same lumens in the proper light spectrum for strong growth.

Soon the eco system will be out back with a small lean-to roof for shade. The delicate lettuces are no match for the Texas sun.

Keep checking back for more updates on our aquaponics system.

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We grow several different salad greens. I don’t even know if we’re sure of all the varieties. Some are spicy, some sweet. They grow fast and if you continually harvest (as in 3-4 times a week) they won’t bolt and go to seed. It’s really nice to have our salad growing right out back. With our own cherry tomatoes on top, it can’t be beat.
Daily Farm Pic 07.24.09 am
Daily Farm Pic 07.24.09 pm
Part our salad greens garden.
Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes – they sure are sweet!
Today’s spoils…