Unfortunately, I had been putting too much food in one of the tanks. That combined with the venturi uptake clogging, caused a few fish to die. The best thing I could do was buy a large stock tank and move the fish to clean everything. One of the grow beds has cracked as well. We’re making some major changes this week but they’ll allow for better filtering and more growing space.

100 Gallon Stock Tank with autofill valve and a temporary circulation pump.

The new filter is based on “Jim’s Crazy Bio Filter”. It will allow for easy emptying of fish waste to be dumped in the compost pile or other garden spaces.  The missing piece will be a homemade venturi to aerate the dirty water being pumped to the bottom. I combined cornstarch and silicone to make a sort of rubber concrete and filled a 3/4″ piece of pvc. It’s nearly set and I will use 2 different step drill bits to make create the venturi effect. I will also be adding a skimmer to remove protein waste and further oxygenate the water.

We really didn’t have enough growing and filtration space available to support this many fish and make up for small mistakes. Tilapia grow fast and poop a lot.

The new bio-filter setup near completion.