We’ve had so much going on around the Funny Farm, it’s been to keep up. It’s spring time and things are blooming again. The weather is a wonderful 79 degrees today. Here’s a few pictures for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait to eat some fresh, homegrown strawberries and peaches!

Peaches are in the shuck stages.
Broccoli we’ve let go to seed.

Our artichokes are doing phenomenal! Still growing like crazy. Sunflowers are starting to open. There are only a few green beans ready to harvest with a bunch short to follow. Our sole, surviving cabbage was harvested and eaten this evening in an awesome stir-fry. The small lettuce planter box is still doing well. The little finger carrots in it should be tasty. And of course the chickens are loving all of our scraps and getting plenty of bugs in the yard.